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Open Box Software awarded MRI Trusted Client Advisor – two years running!

Unleashing The Full Power of MRI Recoveries – The Urban Edge Story

Open Box Software awarded MRI Trusted Client Advisor 2022

File share migrations - We’ve solved them, so you don’t have to

Press Release: Open Box Software Appoints Company and Industry Veteran As New CEO

Demo: Low Code, High Value

Dipping a Toe in the Data Lake

2020 Reconciliations: The Perfect Storm

Microsoft Build 2020 Reveals Exciting Times Ahead for Power Platform

MRI Support: A Fit For Every Size And Shape

The Automation Journey

Visualizing Your Revenue At Risk With Power BI

Bridging the Gap with E-Signing

Working From Anywhere… the Open Box Way

Coronavirus - Open Box Business Continuity Plan

BI Solutions Without The Prohibitive Cost?

How To Effectively Derive Data-Driven Insights From Real Estate Data

Introducing the Open Box Academy

Taking The Work Out Of WorkFlows

Open Box and Cushman & Wakefield win the EG Tech Award in the Productivity Category

Bringing Spreadsheets Back In From The Cold

Automated Valuations Lead to Business Value Amplification

Getting Out of The Starting Gates With Robots-as-a-Service

Ditching the Spreadsheet and other Emerging Markets CRETech Trends

Open Box and LEVERTON Whitepaper: How Intelligent Processing Automation Can Benefit Your Organization

MRI IUC: Atlanta Was A Buzz With Festivities

Robotics, It's All About People

Realcomm 2018: What Happened in Vegas

Open Box Automation Report 2018

M J Mapp Partners with Open Box to Drive Innovation

Argus Connect 2018: What Did We Learn?

Smarter Automation Means Greater Gains

What is RaaS?

Granite Properties Chooses Open Box to Make Automation Work

Is RPA the Same as Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

BitcoinCRE Event: What You Need to Know

Automation? How is this new, I’ve been using Excel Macros and screen scraping for years?

TIER REIT Automates Valuation Platform Integration with Open Box’s Real Estate Automation Engine

Just Do It! And Other Takeaways From Blue Prism Pulse


The Digitalization Jungle: Evolution or Revolution?

PropTech Cheat Sheet: All the AI Terms You Need to Know

Integrating Business Processes with MRI Software Workflow

The Pendulum Swings: RPA Gives You the Best of BPO, at Home

Press Release: LEVERTON's AI Taps Rob Sparke for Automation Skills

Automating MRI Software Work Order with Amazon Alexa

MRI IUC 2017 - Riding the Roller Coaster

Getting Rid of the Headcount Headache with Management Consulting

MRI Software Clients Can Now Use Robotics to Automate Invoice Capture

Q&A: Robots-as-a-Service (Yes, really!)

How To Get Your Real Estate Organization RPA Fit

Open Box Rocks at Realcomm 2017

Open Box Welcomes Gregg Haverstick as Principal to the New York Office

Open Box Is The Only Certified Company In The MRI Partner Network #justsaying

A day in the Life of… How an Open Box Data Analyst Can Help Your Real Estate Organization

One on one with Malcolm Hall and Larry Schachter on the launch of our New York office

A few words from Malcolm Hall on the road that lies ahead for Open Box

Open Box Opens Office in New York

What piece of the $6 billion pie will you take?

Adopting tried and tested technology in the real estate space

Insights from Realcomm 2016

The Real Estate Innovator's Dilemma

The answer to your CRE collaboration question could be right under your nose

Starting with Why – Implementing an Innovation Strategy for your Real Estate Organization

Putting MAPIC 2015 on the map

Is Commercial Real Estate adopting technology quick enough?

MRI International User Conference… the highlights package

Maximising the Availability of your Real Estate Applications

Collaborations with MRI Investment Management and Open Box Software

Open Box & Allegion – Securing the smart building of tomorrow

MIX and Visualize your MRI Data

7 Things to Consider When Securing Your Real Estate Data

The art of building relationships in the Real Estate industry

Integrating Real Estate systems to maximise the benefits of existing data

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Information Technology Partner For Your Real Estate Project

Is Consensus Decision Making Inhibiting Progress?

Redefining the impossible… in business and in life

How technology can unlock your financial processes

8 SQL Server tips to boost your Real Estate ERP performance

Creating a culture of collaboration

What mall operators might be missing

Virtually revolutionising our back-up strategy

Open Box Partners with MRI Software

Answer Your Questions Your Way

The iBeacon: It’s Just the Beginning

Best practice and new technology… don’t expect a one-size-fits-all solution

upgrading your business intelligence software, without all the uphill…

A Real Time Commercial Real Estate Conversation

Technology finds its true space in the Real Estate industry

Next Generation Retail Experience - Insights from MAPIC 2014

Are leaders made or born?

Open Box is home to the healthiest employees for 2014!

How the Real Estate industry can benefit from Context Marketing

The antidote to runaway Software Solutions

8 Trends for designing an intranet that’s future fit

In the face of change, how do you keep your business ahead of the curve?

Will a Mobile strategy be the secret to success for your business?

Is automation the answer to your daily grind?

Automated Testing vs Manual Testing – where do the two meet?

Open Box accounting systems…fluent in the language of numbers

Move over Commonwealth Games… introducing the Software Testing World Cup!

Deciding between Custom and Off-the-Shelf? Catch these useful tips.

Tour de Office 2014

Every project has a methodology to match… find the right mix.

The many grey shades of Leasing Analytics

Clearing up a few cloudy matters

The human truth of management

The silver bullet for your legacy Internet Explorer browser issues

When it comes to SharePoint, is your head in the clouds?

The Evolution of Business Intelligence

What does the future hold for the traditional mall?

Augmenting commercial Real Estate reality

Artificial Intelligence for Commercial Real Estate

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