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Open Box Hiring Update November 2020

Open Box Founder & Group Chairman Malcolm Hall answers your burning recruitment questions in our November 2020 Hiring Update:

  • 00:11 - What is the update on Open Box's hiring policy for the remainder of 2020 and 2021?
  • 00:56 - Can you tell us a bit more about the Open Box Graduate Program?
  • 01:51 - How would you describe an Open Boxer?
  • 02:45 - Outside of graduates, what other roles are you hiring for?
  • 03:16 - When will the company be going back to the office and have any of your policies changed as it relates to working from home?
  • 04:52 - As we near the end of 2020, what is your outlook on growth within the tech industry for 2021?

Custom Development


Our team of technology experts in the Custom Software team have over 17 years’ experience in understanding how to develop, enhance and support custom software applications built specifically for the Real Estate industry. Within Custom Software, we focus on building enterprise web (REACT & .Net Core) applications, mobile applications, integrations, Business Intelligence solutions, CMS-based websites, Robotic Process Automation, and low-code solutions.

We are looking for individuals to join our team who are solutions orientated, progressive-in-thinking, team orientated, and are always looking for a better way of doing things.

Enterprise Solutions


When it comes to software, not only do we know how to build it, we also know how to support it. Our Enterprise Solutions team is able to offer expert turnkey ERP services – from blue-printing through to implementation, enhancements, integration and support.

Given that our focus in Enterprise Solutions is that of understanding other systems, we are looking for individuals who are analytical in approach with strong problem solving abilities, who can pick up core principles quickly, create reports using tools like SSRS, Crystal Reports, SSRS and Power BI and who are always looking for a better way of doing things, to join our team.

Choose your path

Why restrict yourself to a single, narrow career path? At Open Box, you can start out in almost any position and end up in almost any other position. We're so open-minded we've had a developer in HR and a nuclear physicist on our mobile development team.

While there will be a core role that you're focusing on, the ability is there for you to overlap your role with others and incorporate aspects of those roles that you enjoy. Tailoring your role means there's more chance of you creating that dream job; or why not try out a few Business Analyst tasks before you make the leap from Developer?

Your career path here will be every bit as unique and complex as you are:


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