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Open Box and Cushman & Wakefield win the EG Tech Award in the Productivity Category

Posted by Matthew Burnham in: robotic process automation, Automation, Intelligent Process Automation, RPA, Awards

Last week was the second year of the EG Tech Awards and what a great event it was. Held at the Brewery on Chiswell Street, it felt a little bit more like going into a night club than a tech event but was full of the good and the great from the world of PropTech. I was joined by Stacey West and Dhrupan Shah from Cushman & Wakefield (who had nominated Open Box for its work on the Financial Rates Management automation), Michael Tomazou from Nuveen, Tim Love from Lee Baron and Rob Stark from MJ Mapp. After few beers we were ready for the awards. From a great list of candidates, the Judges awarded the following winners by category:

Productivity Award – Cushman & Wakefield and Open Box – We may be a little bias, but this was a pretty big win! The judges acknowledge our efforts in helping to drive efficiency in the real estate industry through the implementation of our Automation Engine, Rob Sparke. We were extremely proud to be recognized for our work with Cushman & Wakefield and how this is helping the real estate industry to take the next steps towards transformation.

Productivity Award

Construction Award – PlanRadar- “The winning company has proven great traction,” said the judges. “An impressive model, lots of customers and a great track record already.”

Infrastructure Award - UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium- Judges said the winner hit the brief on so many levels. From innovative infrastructure analysis to a focus on future needs as well as the present. The winner demonstrated a razor-sharp approach to tackling infrastructure issues head on.

Innovation Award - Appear Here - In a category with more than 30 entries, this was another tough one to judge. After lengthy deliberations, the judges picked this winner because of its new approach to a business model that judges believe “will completely transform” the Sector.

Investment Award – Property – GOLDACRE -“A prime example of innovative investment” was how judges described this winner. In a tough category swamped with entries, this was a hard-fought victory but one the judges said was entirely deserved.

Investment Award – Technology – Gyana- Judges said they liked the winner’s “super smart” approach to data-driven investment and badged this company as doing something new and different around deep analytics from different data sources.

Placemaking Award – Property - Wordsearch Place - The winner of this category has demonstrated just how far placemaking can go to transform buildings, spaces, places and entire cities. Judges were impressed by how far this company has managed to take some of its projects and how it gets developers and traditional real estate companies on board with a new way of thinking.

Placemaking Award – Technology - Built-ID - Judges praised the winner for its dedicated engagement with the community and described it as an “undeniably strong company” and “a worthy winner in a tough category”

Sustainability Award – Technology – Pavegen - The winner of this category has not only been working hard on its product but raising awareness around sustainability around the world. Judges praised the winner for having a wider impact on the sustainability agenda behind the business itself and were impressed by how far the product has come.

Sustainability Award – Property - Nuveen Real Estate - The judges said the winner of this category really stood out for doing something new, fresh and totally different in the sustainability sphere.

The Big Picture Award - HM Land Registry - Judges said the winner of this award was an inspiration. It successfully demonstrated collaborative thinking within a large, complex organisation by pulling together the world of real estate and technology. Judges added that the winner also had a refreshing and honest approach to the challenges of instigating change in such a large organisation that others could learn from.

EG Tech Academy Award – Aphex - Judges said that while both finalists pitched products that sought to solve productivity problems, the opportunity for large-scale and dramatic improvement across an entire sector was clearly evident in one of those pitches.

Bridging the Gap Award - Fionnuala Hogan, Managing Director, GOLDACRE - Supportive, innovative, forward-thinking.” Judges picked the winner in this category not only for their approach to the future growth of the relationship between property and technology, but for their past dedication to bridging the gap in a sector that has been evolving for many years. The winner of this award truly embodies the ethos behind the bridging-the-gap concept. One of the hardest categories to judge with a plethora of exceptional and inspirational entries and a very strong shortlist.

I was extremely proud to be able to go on stage and collect the award on behalf of Open Box. It was an incredible achievement by the team in South Africa to have gone from launching their real estate Automation Engine two years ago to winning the Productivity Award, against some extremely tough competition.

We finished off the evening outside with yet more drinks (switched to champagne at this stage) and some genuine congratulations and excitement about the progress we are going to make over the next twelve months.

I'm pleased to announce that I made it home with both myself and the Trophy intact.

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