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MRI Support & Services

Trusted solutions for Real Estate enterprises

With more than 10 years' experience supporting and customizing MRI, our deep knowledge of the system and its toolkit means we are able to support you through implementation, customization or upgrade, every step of the way. From best practices to custom features and reports, we have the tools and expertise to ensure you get the most out of your investment in MRI.


Recent Projects

  • JobCost Module Implementation
  • Positive Pay Reports
  • MRI Environment Consolidation & Upgrade
  • Entity Setup Automation
  • Budgeting & Forecasting Module Implementation
  • SODA Process Workflow

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Our Services

We specialize in making complex things simple
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    MRI Upgrades

    ERP upgrades are always a daunting prospect. Whether you're a self-hosted or SaaS client, and considering a minor or major upgrade, or even making the big move from 4.5 to Platform X, our tried-and-tested systematic approach will help ensure your upgrade is seamless and pain free. Learn more in our Service Spotlight…

  • icon-mri-reporting

    MRI Reporting

    Using the MRI Report Design toolkit, Rapid Reports, or the Reporting Gateway (SSRS) we can modify standard MRI reports or create entirely new ones. We can even build powerful and insightful reporting dashboards using MRI's own toolkit or through integration with Microsoft's Power BI.

  • icon-mri-workflow

    MRI Workflow Design

    MRI workflows allow you to standardize processes, analyze performance, and coordinate teamwork. We can help you use the Workflow toolkit to automate task creation and assignment, send notifications by email, route workflow based on user roles or conditions, and generate documents and reports.

  • icon-mri-module

    MRI Module Implementation

    Our module implementation service makes short work of adding new MRI features. Our blueprinting and discovery process ensures the module is set up with your needs in mind, and our migration, testing, and training services will guarantee a seamless transition from your current solution. Learn more in our Service Spotlight…

  • icon-mri-support

    MRI Support

    Guaranteed and dedicated resource(s) allocated for a calendar month.

    • Level 1: First Line Support
    • Level 2: Investigations and Troubleshooting
    • Level 3: Enhancements and Customization
  • icon-mri-consulting

    MRI Consulting

    Our team of experienced MRI consultants and analysts work closely with you to define and understand your processes and needs. Through collaboration, we ensure that we can implement or develop a solution that efficiently improves your processes and conforms to industry best practice.

  • icon-mri-integration

    MRI Web Design

    Enhance your MRI user experience and business processes by customizing standard MRI web pages or creating new ones that are integrated into the existing MRI processes. Combine with our database and API design capabilities to create truly custom solutions that take your process to the next level.

  • icon-mri-integration

    MRI Integration

    Using the MRI Information Exchange (MIX), we can develop custom APIs that let MRI talk to other systems. Depending on your needs and strategy, the custom APIs can be designed to push or pull secured and controlled data between MRI, third-party services, and your other in-house applications.

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MRI Upgrades

Video: MRI Upgrades with Open Box

Software upgrades can feel onerous and daunting, and that's especially true when you're talking about your business's ERP.

It doesn't always have to be that way if you follow a systematic approach like Open Box does. Instead, it can be a smooth and seamless transition to newer and better software.

Open Box Software has a wealth of experience in delivering upgrades, both for self-hosted and SaaS clients. Whether it's a minor or major upgrade, or as big as moving from 4.5 all the way to Platform X, we follow a tried-and-tested standardized approach which consists of three key phases:



We work with you to assess the scope of your upgrade, including all reports, customizations, integrations and processes that may be impacted, and deliver a detailed project plan for your upgrade.



We upgrade your test environment, make any necessary updates to your customizations, and test the upgrade end-to-end, before assisting your users to perform their own testing.



We partner with MRI or your IT team to upgrade your environment and deploy any updates to your custom reports, web pages and integrations. We also provide user training and post go live support.

MRI Module Implementation

Case studies demonstrate our approach to MRI Module Implementation

Budgeting & Forecasting Module

What is it?

The Budgeting and Forecasting (B&F) module is available for MRI Platform X. It enables scenario-based financial forecasting and budget generation, and integrates directly with the Platform X General Ledger.

What did we do?

We helped enable our client's migration away from MRI for Windows by implementing the B&F module, fully replacing their previous budgeting and forecasting system which had integrated to MRI Windows.

How did we do it?

  • Blueprinting and discovery process to assess the fit/gap between old and new solutions, and ensure users were comfortable with the new tool's features and processes.
  • Generated previous budget data in B&F using the same real-world examples as the previous solution to provide a direct comparison, and to ensure the budget data was migrated accurately and in the correct format.
  • Ensured that all Financial Format reports reflected the new data as expected once the budgets had been migrated.

JobCost Module

What is it?

The JobCost module is available for MRI Platform X. It enables MRI users to bring the management and costing of projects into MRI through Job and Contract setup.

What did we do?

We assisted our client with migrating their job costing solution from another application to MRI's JobCost module, while maintaining their AvidXchange integration and their job cost history.

How did we do it?

  • Blueprinting and discovery process to help the business understand the benefits of JobCost and ensure that the module was configured correctly for their requirements.
  • Migrated and transformed the data from the previous system so that their historical and current project information could all be accessed in one place.
  • Trained business users on the new features and processes.
  • Provided custom MRI reports to match the data in MRI to that in the previous system.

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