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What mall operators might be missing

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: bleeding edge, retail

In Simon Sinek’s talk ‘If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand businesses’, he speaks about the need for organizations to be authentic and the human desire to feel connected to organizations that they share a common set of values and beliefs with. This human instinct he speaks about influences many parts of our lives, including where we live, where we work and who we choose to do business with. Companies like Zappos and Apple understand the importance of this connection and have put a huge amount of effort into communicating their authenticity in order to attract likeminded consumers. These consumers are fanatically loyal to the tribe they have joined and trivial factors like price and convenience do little to test their loyalty.

If a group of people can come together and represent a set of values and beliefs for a specific brand (e.g. Apple or Zappos), what is stopping brands that share similar values and beliefs coming together in a retail environment. Mall operators are desperately trying to find better ways to improve the customer experience through the use of technology, and that is great, but maybe getting consumers to join their tribe is a better approach to ensuring customer loyalty. Better yet, maybe technology and tribal culture could come together in one revolutionary mall App of the future.

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