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M J Mapp Partners with Open Box to Drive Innovation

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: industry news, robotic process automation, RaaS, Automation

M J Mapp is continuing in its drive towards being the most innovative manager of commercial property in the UK in a deal with Open Box.

As part of M J Mapp’s drive to maintain its place as the UK’s leading specialist property management company, they are implementing a market-leading technology platform in partnership with Open Box, which will deliver property management automation services that enables their teams to focus on client and occupier ‘value-add’ services.

The ability to automate these tasks has the added benefit of ensuring consistency of process and output

Robert Stark, Executive Director of Property Management Strategy at M J Mapp, said of the partnership with Open Box, “We are continuously looking for opportunities to drive higher standards of customer and client service. By partnering with Open Box, we see a tremendous opportunity to release our teams to focus on our clients and occupiers rather than performing repetitive, mundane tasks. The ability to automate these tasks using Open Box’s Robotic Process Automation, has the added benefit of ensuring consistency of process and output, as well as allowing us to scale up seamlessly to meet our growth plans. Importantly, this is automation to raise quality, not cut costs.”

Our starting project is to introduce automation to support M J Mapp’s centralised data warehouse and CAFM system. Automation will allow us to move bulk data around the business, making management and service level information available whilst also providing automatic supplier invoice approval to improve payment times and cash flow to clients.

Importantly, this is automation to raise quality, not cut costs

Matthew Burnham (Principal, Open Box UK, commenting on the tie up with M J Mapp, said, “Traditionally, M J Mapp manually generated client reports from systems every day to extract essential property management data. Although this job is critical, it is also repetitive and time-consuming tying skilled professionals up doing fairly simple tasks and preventing them from doing other more complex work. The Open Box Real Estate Automation Engine will generate the reports on a daily basis and save them in a secure, shared location.

Dustin Strydom, Director of Automation Services at Open Box, says, “MJ Mapp has taken exactly the right approach to automation. Working with us, the team identified areas where automation could assist, identified the business case for each and then were very pragmatic about which processes to automate first. This meant the pilot ran smoothly and became a great ‘lighthouse project’ to guide the company’s desire to embrace automation more widely.”

About M J Mapp

M J Mapp, is a market leader in the management of commercial property and employs over 270 people in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester. M J Mapp manages around £9 billion of commercial property and services approx. 4,500 occupiers throughout the United Kingdom for a variety of leading Fund Managers, REIT’s and other investors in Real Estate.

About Open Box

Open Box is a global software development consultancy focused on the Real Estate industry. For the past 16 years, we have been working with some of the leading names in the global Commercial Real Estate industry. As a result, we have been involved in defining industry best practice for not only the use of technology, but also business processes.

The Open Box Real Estate Automation Engine leverages best-of-breed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology on a Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) basis, along with our wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding, mapping and improving Real Estate business processes. It combines these elements with our expertise in the development, support and integration of Real Estate software solutions.

The Open Box Automation Engine

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