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Introducing the Open Box Academy

Posted by Abu Bakr Brey in: leadership, industry news, Open Box Academy, Learning

Cape Town is a hub of IT activity, and competition for talent is intense. Finding the right people to join our problem solving, creative thinking entity has been a constant challenge over the years.

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Starting with Why – Implementing an Innovation Strategy for your Real Estate Organization

Posted by Ian Saunder in: leadership, business, Real Estate, innovation

Perform a search on Google Images for Innovation and you’ll soon find your screen ablaze with colourful variations of shining electric light bulbs. How the incandescent light bulb came to be the universal symbol for innovation can be attributed to the transformational impact it had on society.

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The art of building relationships in the Real Estate industry

Posted by Mylo Mannya in: leadership, business, Real Estate

If you’re in the Real Estate industry, you’ll no doubt be familiar with that Key Accounts guy, the one who knows exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it to achieve maximum effect. Many people underestimate the value of what these individuals can offer a business.

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Is Consensus Decision Making Inhibiting Progress?

Posted by Dustin Strydom in: leadership, general

Since the onset of the recession, many companies appear to have resorted to a decision-by-consensus approach to

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Redefining the impossible… in business and in life

Posted by Malcolm Hall in: leadership

Many years ago, when I first heard about an extreme triathlon called the Ironman, I dismissed it out of hand as

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Creating a culture of collaboration

Posted by Michael Rocha in: leadership, open box

There is something that every industry has in common. No matter who you are, where you’re from or what business you’re in

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Are leaders made or born?

Posted by Malcolm Hall in: leadership

Having two young boys, and seeing how different they are, I now subscribe more to the former than the latter,

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The antidote to runaway Software Solutions

Posted by Denzil Morrison in: leadership, open box

It is indeed an eye-opener that between one and two thirds of IT projects are unsuccessful.

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In the face of change, how do you keep your business ahead of the curve?

Posted by Mark Fairweather in: leadership

​Last year, Accenture's Technology Vision raised a few eyebrows stating that "every business is a digital business".

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Every project has a methodology to match… find the right mix.

Posted by Brendan Canny in: leadership, open box

Waterfall vs Agile. As we take on any new project, this is inevitably one of the first debates.

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