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Low Code & Power Platform

Accelerate, innovate, adapt

For the longest time, PropTech was caught between two options: build it or buy it. Today, Low Code offers a third choice, with the flexibility and control of custom development, and the reliability and support of a product. When employed effectively, this new generation of tools has the potential to improve developer efficiency, break down the traditional silos of Business and IT, and deliver fast and flexible solutions.

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Why Low Code?

Choosing the right solution for your project can be challenging. While off-the-shelf and custom development both have very strong points in their favour, they are not suitable for every situation. If you’re struggling with these questions on your current project, Low Code may be right for you.


Great option when it aligns well with your processes and integrates with your existing systems and tools.

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Less cost effective when paying for features you don’t need or licenses you don’t use


Great option for systemising your unique processes where the needs are well-understood and the roadmap is clear.

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Less cost effective for answering many small needs over time, or rapidly responding to change.


Faster delivery, iterative gains

Lower up-front & ongoing cost

On-demand, modular solution

Robust & established toolkit

Why Microsoft?

Microsoft’s Power Platform brings a Swiss army knife to the table, but the toolkit is more than just the sum of its parts. Connect them together, along with other Microsoft products like Azure, Dynamics and Office, to build end-to-end business solutions that work with the tools you’re already using.


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Power Apps and Forms offer great solutions for digitizing your processes, but hooks into tools like Teams and Power BI can bridge gaps, cut costs, and meet your users where they are.


Logic Apps and Power Automate offer powerful integration solutions, including native integration to Microsoft 365 software, and connectors to all major third-party products.


Underpinning the whole platform is the world of Azure, bringing cloud solutions, a universe of data management and storage tools, and centralized user access control.

Why Open Box?

As Microsoft Gold Partners proficient in a variety of modern development tools, our projects have covered the full range of PropTech solutions, from finance systems to mobile inspection apps. We deliver end-to-end across the full software development lifecycle, from up-front consulting, design and analysis through to development, training and support.

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    Trusted Advisor

    Every company has its own way of doing things, the processes or policies that set them apart. Finding off-the-shelf software to match can be tough. Some choose to build from scratch, some choose to buy and customize, but all are looking to preserve what makes them special.

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    Wide Range of Skills

    Today's investors and tenants are more discerning than ever. The internet has made it easy to shop around, so a company's digital shopfront has to be memorable, impactful and pleasant to use. Custom websites and portals that make best use of modern third-party tools help them stand out from the crowd.

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    Proven Approach

    Commercial software is designed to cater for the masses, and often comes with far more features, functions and fluff than any one company will ever use. Custom is often the best way to go when our clients are looking for something that fits their needs exactly.

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