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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Transform your data into actionable insight

Data is naturally produced by every organization, but the value is only realized when it is transformed into information that delivers insight and inspires action. The barrier to entry for business intelligence and analytics has historically been high, but at Open Box we have proven that with the new generation of tools nothing is stopping you from unlocking the value of your data and empowering your decision-makers today.


Our Services

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    Analysis & Consulting

    We help you to define the information you need and the determinations and decisions you want to be empowered to make through your data solution and to design the reports and dashboards that provide it.

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    Data Storage

    Whether you are looking for a data warehouse, operational data store, or simple reporting database, we help you to transform, store, and architect your data and to create your unique data model.

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    Data Extraction

    Whether through API integration, flat file export or direct data connection, we help you mine the wealth of data already being captured in your systems, and to cleanse, match and consolidate it into a single source.

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    Visualization & Analytics

    We help you to deploy tools like Microsoft's Power BI to visualize your data through interactive dashboards, democratize access with mobile and self-service support, and enable predictive modelling and insight.

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Our Approach

Open Box is uniquely qualified to deliver rapid results for Real Estate enterprises
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    We work with business and IT to define and discover the decisions, strategies, and insights you need from your BI solution, and the best way to get them. Most consultancies are expected to advise on technical decisions, but we take pride in also speaking the languages of accounting, leasing and property management, and in collaborating with stakeholders from coalface to c-suite.

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    We've been integrating with and reporting from Real Estate software for over 18 years. In that time we have encountered just about every strategy for data extraction, data storage, and system integration imaginable, making us well equipped to both advise on and execute your data solution.

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    Modern tools and approaches have changed the landscape of analytics, but the selection of options can sometimes paralyze more than empower. We help you to navigate the landscape of choices, from data integration and storage to visualization and analytics, and to select the option that best fits your requirements and budget.

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    BI projects don't have to take years to show returns. We believe in starting small, getting results fast, and taking an iterative approach to growing the solution over time. We help you to get the highest priority data in front of your staff first, and then establish a program of continuous improvement that provides long term value, with the agility to flex with changing demands.

Visualizing Revenue at Risk

How we empowered a management team to make rapid, informed decisions during the COVID-19 crisis

The Problem

Faced with the sudden need for daily updates on tenant risk, the leasing and accounting departments of a large retail REIT were running daily reports out of their ERP system, then manipulating them in Excel.

  • The report was often out of date before it was even delivered to decision-makers
  • The Excel-based data manipulation was prone to human error
  • Drill-down or follow-up questions required new files to be created
  • The management team couldn't easily access the reports from home or on mobile devices

The Need


The Solution

Objective Data

Tenant, lease and revenue data from the client's ERP


Subjective Data

Property Manager tenant ratings from the client's CMS


Microsoft Power BI


Rapid Prototyping

Multiple iterations reviewed, with changes made in a matter of hours


Tenant Risk Dashboard

Results visualized in an interactive dashboard accessible from anywhere

The Result

  • Two weeks from start to delivery
  • Real time risk assessment on web or mobile
  • On the fly data querying and drill-down

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