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Taking The Work Out Of WorkFlows

Posted by Catherine van Rooyen in: Real Estate, ERP performance, MRI Software, MRI Workflows

In any environment where you have humans capturing data, you have a need for quality control. In the accounting world, this is often done using a second set of eyes double checking all the data; but off-the-shelf software seldom meets the exact requirements of your business process. Creating bespoke enhancements to software to match your needs can often be costly and usually requires a lengthy lifecycle. MRI does things differently by allowing users to customize their implementation using Workflow Design.

In any environment where you have humans capturing data, you have a need for quality control.

A large retail REIT came to Open Box with just such a request: to implement quality control and auditing workflows in their MRI SaaS environment. The business required approval on data entered into MRI with a direct financial impact e.g. leasing and receivables. MRI’s standard functionality allows a user to process these without requiring approval. Aware of Workflow Design and the challenges it solves within MRI but without the in-house skills to implement workflows within their MRI instance, the REIT approached Open Box for assistance.

Open Box was provided with a set of business processes, as the REIT required, which needed to be translated into functional requirements for MRI enhancements. This process included analyzing which MRI web pages would be affected, how they needed to change, what new data needed to be stored and how the various users in a given process would interact with the changes to ensure that the business goal - data quality assurance - was achieved.

Once this analysis was complete, Open Box was able to design, develop and deploy 21 complete workflows for the client taking around 2 days per process!

Every business has a slightly different process or slightly different requirements for data that needs to be captured. This means that no productized software solution will fit every business perfectly but as platforms, like MRI, offer more flexibility to alter standard processes and procedures, businesses will look to customize software, rather than process to meet their needs.

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