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Our Graduates

We’re looking for dynamic, passionate, and ambitious graduates just like you!

Our Grad Programme is well known in the Cape Town tech industry and for good reason! This programme will be your first taste of the ‘real world’. Your first job. Your first salary. Your first Monday – Friday. And even if it isn’t, this will likely be your first gig where you are (almost straight off the bat) included in a billable team and doing billable work with real-time clients – we like to call it: learning on the go and swimming in the deep end, all rolled into one.

Spoiler alert! None of this is going to be handed to you on a silver platter. Elbow grease is required but as with most things in life, if you put in the effort, you will reap the rewards.

Open Box Software Graduate Program

The Opportunities

What will recruitment at Open Box look like for the year ahead?

Open Box Software graduate program - Grad Opportunities

  • MRI Services
  • Automation Services
  • Low Code Solutions
  • Power Platform
  • BI & Analytics

  • Cloud Services
  • Custom App Dev
  • Website Dev/CMS
  • Integrations


Don't worry about the tech stack - we will teach you!

Our Values

We're looking for people who align with our values

  • 1-2

    Better Way

    We are audacious in our belief that we can do things better and are relentless in our pursuit of making the impossible possible.

  • 2-1


    We keep our promises through taking responsibility for our own delivery, as well as for the commitments we make as a company, to each other, and to our clients. 

  • 3

    Business Impact

    We ensure that our efforts are focused on making a positive impact through doing the right things (being effective) in the right way (being efficient).  

  • 4

    Developing Pride

    We are proud of being a part of Open Box and proud of the work that we deliver. Pride is illustrated by how we engage with that Open Box does and our commitment to contributing to its success. 

  • 5

    Team Work

    We enjoy doing challenging work together, believing in the multiplier effect of working as a team and the personal growth that follows.

  • 6

    Skill and Passion

    We only work with great people - those who are skilled and passionate about what they do.

  • 7


    We show respect and appreciation for each other, our community, and our environment. 


Our Grads

Don't take our word for it, hear what our previous grads thought of the program


Junior Software Developer, IT graduate program South Africa

“Joining Open Box has been such an enriching and enjoyable experience. I joined with a lot of concerns about the working world and how I would adjust to it, but it has been such a natural and progressive experience that I kind of feel silly for worrying about it in the first place. My favourite part of joining Open Box has got to be the people, Open Box is filled with kind and helpful people that have taught me so much. The only scary part about joining Open Box is how good some people are at table tennis.”

Douglas Mostert
Junior Software Developer

Software developer and analyst,  IT software graduate program South Africa

"Joining the company as a graduate, which I expected to be a daunting experience soon became growth in a well-nurtured space. The comradery, teamwork, and mentorship received from Open Box as a graduate is second to none."

Saaligha Logday

Software Analyst, IT software graduate program South Africa

"My graduate experience helped refine my skillsets and gave me the ability to become a more reflective thinker. I was able to meet and learn from individuals from all walks of life. The qualities that I have acquired from Open Box have become immensely important in my career path as I navigate the road to success."

Brandon Moyo

Junior BI Developer, IT software graduate program South Africa

"Joining Open Box as a Graduate has been a wholesome experience for me. My favorite part of Open Box is working with a team of talented individuals who are very friendly and always push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. People at Open Box genuinely care about each other personally and work together as a team."

Liso Nyandu
Junior BI Developer

We pride ourselves in welcoming graduates & juniors into our business, upskilling them in real-time, and giving them a supportive environment to learn, grow and develop with the help of a team, mentors, and experienced individuals who have been with the business and in the tech industry for many years.

A successful applicant is someone who is willing to take initiative, responsibility, and have an opinion. Work hard, be open to learning, asking questions, AND making mistakes. Someone who wants to add value, be part of a team (even if it is virtual, thanks COVID!), and really get their hands dirty. 

Can you answer YES to all of these questions?

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  • Have you completed a relevant qualification and are you able to demonstrate strong academics in each subject?
  • Are you progressive in your approach? Solutions Orientated? Able to ask the right questions?
  • Can you add value to a team dynamic?
  • Can you apply logic to situations?
  • Can you drive projects forward and are you passionate about technology?

Become a part of the Open Box team