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Salesforce Services

Make the most of your Salesforce Investment

Salesforce brings an all-encompassing vision for digital transformation, creating a seamless layer of engagement between you and your clients. Here at Open Box we know that transformation is a journey, not a destination - and we're dedicated to taking the journey together. As a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner, our combination of deep Salesforce skills and extensive Real Estate experience is uniquely positioned to help you realize the true value of the platform.

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Our Services

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    Analyze & Consult

    We help you define your requirements and understand what you need from Salesforce, envisioning a future state that makes best use of the platform's existing features and future roadmap.​

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    Extend & Enhance

    Salesforce is built to be customized and extended – using clicks, flows and code there's almost nothing that it can't do. As you bring the platform into the heart of your business, we’ll make sure it works for you.

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    Design & Implement

    We help bring your vision to reality, at any scale. Whether you’re implementing Salesforce as your first CRM, replacing an existing solution, or digitizing a new business process, we can design and deliver to your needs.

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    Manage & Support

    A platform this important to your business deserves quality support. We’ll help your users when they’re stuck, tackle customizations and enhancements and even help you keep on top of new features and releases.

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Why Salesforce

Property companies have traditionally seen the ERP as their hub of activity. Add Salesforce, and you can bring your tenants into the heart of your business, building your processes around both customer service and financial transactions. Deliver a full 360 view to everyone who interacts with tenants and leases by using Salesforce s ecosystem of tools to build out marketing, sales, leasing, service and finance processes that really work for your teams and customers.

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  • Leasing Pipeline

    Centralize your listings

    Track Leads & Opportunities

    Schedule viewings

    Integrate credit checks

    Full lease history in one place

  • Tenant Portal

    Build a tenant experience without additional software or systems

    Post news and events

    Offer tenant self-service

    Integrate to billing and invoicing

    Integrate to work orders

  • Client Relationship

    Use Salesforce to view lease details, billing history, contact history, cases and work orders at a glance when contacting your tenants

    Create one source of truth for tenant contact details and history

  • Lease Automation

    Integrate with lease abstraction applications and services

    Add digital signatures

    Transfer signed lease details through to your ERP for billing

    Automate critical dates calendar

  • Broker Portal

    Create broker accounts

    Create deal workflows

    Publish listings and availability

    Automate commissions and vouchers

    Speed up deal conversion rate

  • Work Orders

    Raise and track work orders without additional systems

    Co-ordinate with facilities management and vendors

    Integrate to ERP for invoicing

    Surface on your tenant portal


Our Approach

Uniquely qualified to deliver rapid results for Real Estate enterprises
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    Real Estate Experience 

    With over 20 years’ experience in PropTech solutions, we understand how Salesforce interacts with Real Estate systems and their data. This makes us uniquely skilled at migrating to and integrating with Salesforce.

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    Expert Guidance

    Our Salesforce team is led by an 18x certified Salesforce technical architect with 14 years’ experience in the platform. Our deep experience and passion guides the team to deliver the very best service to our clients. 

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    Wide Range of Skills

    Our Salesforce team are part of the Open Box family and can call on a diverse range of skills and experience within our Custom and Enterprise teams to solve even the trickiest problems.

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    Go-Live is Only the Beginning 

    We pride ourselves on never designing or delivering a solution we’re not happy to support. With our full-service solution, we act as your partner in your Salesforce journey - with you every step of the way.

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