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Automation Consulting

Leverage our industry knowledge and automation expertise

If you're looking to augment and free your resources, redefine your standards in quality and efficiency, and transform the way your business operates, automation has the potential to deliver. Read on to discover how Open Box's experienced team can help you to navigate establishing an automation program and getting the most value out of your automation investment.


The Automation Journey

Answering all your questions on the road to success
  1. automation-consulting-evaluate


    If you're new to automation and still evaluating what tools to use, our consultants can help you to get started by answering those difficult up-front questions like:

    • What should my automation strategy be?
    • Which tool is right for me?
    • What does success look like?
    • What risks am I not aware of?
  2. automation-consulting-evangelise


    If you've already chosen a tool and received the sponsorship to move forward, now is the time to win the hearts and minds of the business with clear evidence of benefit. We can help you with answering:

    • How do I educate end-users and get their buy-in?
    • What am I looking for in a pilot automation process?
    • How do I deliver the first automation project successfully?
    • How will I measure and report on the benefits?
  3. automation-consulting-establish


    The trickiest stage of the automation journey is establishing your automation program and preparing to scale. During this phase we can help you with the many challenges you will need to overcome:

    • How do I grow the team from a few champions to a Centre of Excellence?
    • What is needed to establish an opportunity pipeline of automation candidates?
    • What best practices and standards should I be establishing?
    • How do I transition automation projects to Business as Usual?
  4. automation-consulting-expand


    Expanding your scope from straightforward process automation to automated solutions is the key to achieving the greatest value from the technology. At this final stage of your automation journey, our consultants can help you to answer the bigger questions like:

    • How do I balance people, process and technology to transform our culture?
    • What can automation do to support my integration strategies?
    • Can automation help me to deliver on data digitalization?
    • How can I augment client-facing resources with AI tools?

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