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File share migrations - We’ve solved them, so you don’t have to

Posted by Handre Van Der Merwe in: mobile, File Share, Network Drive, structured and unstructured data, File Share Migration, SharePoint Online, Egnyte, file management system, record management

Very often people start their file share migration project by trying to answer the question “What document management system should I use?”

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Will a Mobile strategy be the secret to success for your business?

Posted by Daryn Roberts in: mobile

If you'd mentioned that you were 'investing in Mobile' a decade or two ago, people might have thought you were buying

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What does the future hold for the traditional mall?

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: mobile, marketing, bleeding edge, business intelligence

The hard truth is that 21st century malls need to adapt, or die.

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Augmenting commercial Real Estate reality

Posted by Marc Stroebel in: mobile, bleeding edge

While Augmented Reality may sound futuristic, it’s a technology that’s actually been around for a decade or two.

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Artificial Intelligence for Commercial Real Estate

Posted by Denzil Morrison in: mobile, business, bleeding edge

What comes to mind when you hear the term AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Robots plotting to exterminate the human race perhaps,

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