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Demo: Low Code, High Value

Posted by Denzil Morrison in: Real Estate, Custom Software, COVID-19, microsoft platform

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, besides that we were not washing our hands for long enough, it's that the need for real-time and accurate data on revenue and a host of other company metrics, is more important than ever. Earlier this year, as employees began working from home and the global lockdown came into affect, we developed the COVID Risk Dashboard, giving our clients the ability to have all data on revenue, risk and cash flow at their fingertips. Now, as the world begins to return to some kind of normal, and as employees start returning to the office, many of our clients are needing a better way to manage and control office re-entry.

Our latest, custom built, low-code application gives our clients the ability to control and track COVID-19 responses of employees and guests before coming into the office. Watch Lauren Tee and Anna Thalassinos walk you through a demonstration of the simplicity and power of this application. 

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