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In reality, you're probably spending half your waking hours at work. That's why it's important to be surrounded by people you can relate to, in an environment you enjoy, doing work that matters.

While we're known for pulling out all the stops to make a client happy, we also believe it's in the best interests of the company if Open Boxers lead balanced lives – and we've put our money where our mouth is. Trail runs, teambuilding(s) and pool tournaments are a regular part of life at Open Box, and there's always the in-house gym if that's not your scene. Then there are the flexible hours, social events, community outreach program and company hackathons, where Open Boxers are given the day off for R&D projects.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Peter Parker's Uncle Ben said it best. At Open Box, we hire people who can think for themselves and give them the freedom – and accountability – to do their jobs in the way they believe is best. We reward you for your output, not how many hours you put in. And no, we don't care who your father is.


Merry Christmas chocolate #christmasiscoming #chocolate #openboxsoftware #luckyus

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Just your average day at work 😉 #openboxsoftware #robsparke #rpa #celebratorycake #cake #whippedpatisserie

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"There's always a better way" ~ Open Box Software

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Did the new submarine room with my awesome team mates today #hinthunt #submarineroom #teamevent #openboxsoftware #somanylaughs

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