We hire driven people who are passionate about solving problems with the use of technology. And we don’t believe in micro-management, so Open Boxers tend to be self-motivated individuals who excel at managing their own time and deadlines.

While it is all well and good being brilliant at what you do, at Open Box we believe you also need to be great to work with. Every Open Boxer works as part of tight-knit team, so it’s critical that our people can work effectively with different personalities and support each other through any challenges that come their way.

Open Box can be summed up as a group of people who are drawn together by the two major traits they share:

They take a lot of pride in their work and they like to have fun doing it.

Delicia Oliver

Delicia Oliver - Quality Analyst

  • So what do you do here, anyway?

    Well, I've been a QA (aka Quality Analyst) since joining Open Box in July 2012. A day in the life of this QA mostly entails using different methods and tools to test, find and resolve issues in an application; assist with any queries relating to an application; issue management; scheduling deployments and attending valuable training sessions...amongst other things.

  • Got any particularly mad skillz?

    At Open Box, I don't consider any of my skills to be "mad", but I do see myself as a very committed individual who always strives to do her best.

    Outside of work, I'm an excellent kids' party planner. From coming up with ideas, to finding or creating affordable décor and entertainment, through to setting up on the day. It's something I really enjoy doing (just ask any of my friends who have kids!).

  • What do you love most about your job?

    Hmmm...absolutely everything.

    Finding problems, investigating the cause and finding solutions. learning new things on a daily basis...I simply love every aspect.

  • What do you love most about Open Box?

    Definitely my colleagues. Whether they're on my team, joining me in the gym or meeting me in the kitchen for breakfast - their caring nature makes coming to work such a pleasure.

  • What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to fill your shoes?

    You will find that being a QA can be very rewarding if you are naturally curious, enjoy learning new things, have an eye for detail and are a team player who is committed and reliable.

    But most of all, you need to enjoy what you're doing. Have fun with the role.

Chimba Wright

Chimba Wright - Software Developer

  • So what do you do here, anyway?

    I'm really a combination of three roles: senior dev, lead dev, and the-guy-who-needs-to-open-his-haute-cuisine-restaurant-already. The senior/lead role means that - from a technical standpoint - I need to know what the best solution is for a given problem, that it gets implemented correctly, in a timely fashion, and that it stands the test of time.

  • Got any particularly mad skillz?

    Duck confit on gnocci, Moroccan spinach and chickpea. Served with a rémoulade.

    Professionally, my years of being a developer/analyst/developer-analyst cover the full web development stack, so you would reach out to me if you're stuck and need to find a way of solving a problem given the constraints that you have.

    It's amazing how the art and science of the precision of cooking can be applied to the developer craft. Oh, and my bacon making skillz are pretty good too.

  • What do you love most about your job?

    I love that nearly every day has a different problem, and that they are not all about constantly putting out fires.

    Plus I have remarkable people on my team, so I can delegate, brainstorm and co-ordinate implementations with confidence. It's quite exhilirating seeing all the various pieces of a solution trickle into place and have it all surprisingly work.

  • What do you love most about Open Box?

    We take things pretty seriously around here i.e. the work is serious business. Nothing less than on-time delivery to a high standard will do.

    And you best be ready to play hard when it's play time; we don't play games when it comes to having fun. The monthly perks are a nice bonus, too.

  • What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to fill your shoes?

    Ever watched a professional juggler? They make juggling cats and live chainsaws simultaneously look effortless. Yet in reality it requires tons of practice, focus and perseverance.

    In this position, your team will look to you to show a high calibre of technical dexterity, which requires a similar level of dedication. It's daunting. It's exciting. It's worth it.

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