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Answer Your Questions Your Way

Posted by Brendan Canny on 8 April 2015 in: business intelligence

Talk to anybody in any company and I am prepared to bet that they will be able to give you an example of a recent business decision based on an Excel spreadsheet.

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upgrading your business intelligence software, without all the uphill…

Posted by Andrew Pollock on 16 February 2015 in: business intelligence

As with many things in life, progress is not possible  without change.

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The Evolution of Business Intelligence

Posted by Ian Saunder on 27 April 2014 in: bleeding edge, business intelligence

It’s 05h45. As you start to open your eyes, you can make​ out shards of soft light casting patterns on the wall,

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What does the future hold for the traditional mall?

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf on 27 April 2014 in: mobile, marketing, bleeding edge, business intelligence

The hard truth is that 21st century malls need to adapt, or die.

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