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PropTech Consulting

Every good idea begins with a question

Our clients rely on us to help answer those questions: whether it's choosing the right tool for their business, finding the most cost-effective solution for their needs, or cutting through the hype to uncover the real value of new technologies. Our consultants are experienced in project delivery, and are backed by a team of technology experts, so you can trust that what you'll get from us is more than just a suit and a script.

Open Box Management Consultation

Your questions

  • How can I take advantage of new tools
  • How do I cut through all the hype
  • How do I get buy-in for this initiative
  • What is the rest of the industry doing
  • How can I do more with what I already have
  • Which one of these options is right for me
  • What are the risks and how do I mitigate them
  • How can I reduce the impact of this change

Our answers

  • consulting-business-case

    Business Case Development

    Cost vs. benefit. Risk vs. reward. We can help you win the hearts and minds of the Exec with a clear ROI, a formal business case, or a slick presentation.

  • consulting-product-selection

    Product Selection

    You pick the technology automation, low code, ERP, CMS, integrations, data digitization, cloud services – and we'll help you pick the tool that's right for you.

  • consulting-tech-advisory

    Technology Advisory

    Develop a cost-effective technology strategy by finding ways to extend, integrate, automate and evolve your existing solutions and legacy systems.

  • consulting-innovation-advisory

    Innovation Advisory

    Be leading edge, not bleeding edge. Discover the practical value of emerging technologies, and innovate at a pace that makes sense for your business.

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What makes us different?

This is not your grandma's consultancy
  • consulting-business

    Your business is our business

    With close to two decades of experience in delivering software and services to the Commercial Real Estate industry, you don't need to waste time explaining your business to us. We speak your language, we know your challenges, and we know what the industry is doing... and that lets us get to the heart of your question faster than anyone else.

  • consulting-multi

    We're a multitool, not a sledgehammer

    We're not going to descend on you with an army of suits and scripts. We pride ourselves on being flexible, responsive, pragmatic, and smart. If you've ever found yourself thinking an initiative was too small to be worth the investment of up-front consultancy, we're here to challenge that preconception. Sometimes you just need the right size tool for the job.

  • consulting-straighttalk

    We shoot as straight as we talk

    It's not easy navigating the shifting landscape of PropTech. We're here to help you cut through the hype, and to give our honest opinion and experience on new technologies and trends. If a tool isn't right for you, if a different approach will fit your budget, or if there's a better solution to meet your needs, we'll be the first to tell you.

  • bi-analytics-technology

    We're more than just an opinion

    Open Box is a software company, so you can trust that every one of our consultants has a strong track record of project delivery, and their advice is hard-won. They also have our whole company of tech experts, architects and analysts within arms reach. You can rest assured we will never advise a solution we wouldn't be comfortable delivering ourselves.

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