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The Real Estate Innovator's Dilemma

Posted by Ian Saunder in: innovation

Various people, least of which is Henry Ford, are attributed with saying if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. How many companies have tried to apply the same thinking in addressing new challenges and failed - the unsuspecting victims of innovation’s relentless advance who now serve only as a warning to others who might not understand that change is the only constant.

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Starting with Why – Implementing an Innovation Strategy for your Real Estate Organization

Posted by Ian Saunder in: leadership, business, Real Estate, innovation

Perform a search on Google Images for Innovation and you’ll soon find your screen ablaze with colourful variations of shining electric light bulbs. How the incandescent light bulb came to be the universal symbol for innovation can be attributed to the transformational impact it had on society.

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Open Box & Allegion – Securing the smart building of tomorrow

Posted by Ian Saunder in: open box, bleeding edge, Real Estate

In the world of technology, we often come across companies that try to be innovative for innovation’s sake. But at Open Box, we look to qualify the business value in everything we do. As a global software development company, we constantly strive to find new ways to innovate within the Real Estate industry, but this innovation needs to drive real business value. It’s about navigating the fine line between leading-edge and bleeding-edge.

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MIX and Visualize your MRI Data

Posted by Ian Saunder in: MRI, data visualization

Across the Real Estate industry, companies are starting to realise the power of data integration that when you’re able to connect all your sources of information, you can glean even more valuable insights into your business. This allows for better decision-making, better processes and ostensibly a serious advantage over the competition.

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The Evolution of Business Intelligence

Posted by Ian Saunder in: bleeding edge, business intelligence

It’s 05h45. As you start to open your eyes, you can make​ out shards of soft light casting patterns on the wall,

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