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M J Mapp Partners with Open Box to Drive Innovation

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: industry news, robotic process automation, RaaS, Automation

M J Mapp is continuing in its drive towards being the most innovative manager of commercial property in the UK in a deal with Open Box.

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Granite Properties Chooses Open Box to Make Automation Work

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: industry news, Real Estate, robotic process automation, Automation, RPA

Granite Properties, a commercial real estate investment, development and management company, has tapped into the power of Open Box’s Real Estate Automation Engine to automate the entry of manual billing information from its work order platform into its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

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TIER REIT Automates Valuation Platform Integration with Open Box’s Real Estate Automation Engine

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: industry news, Real Estate, robotic process automation, Integration, RPA

Open Box is making the transfer of operating budget data from TIER REIT Inc.’s budgeting system into its valuation platform automatic using a software robot.

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Integrating Business Processes with MRI Software Workflow

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: industry news, Real Estate, MRI Software, Integration, MRI Workflows

Open Box works together with your Real Estate organization to implement the workflow solution that standardizes your business processes, helps you track and analyse those processes and coordinates overall teamwork. 

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Press Release: LEVERTON's AI Taps Rob Sparke for Automation Skills

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: industry news, Real Estate, robotic process automation, Automation, Press Release, RPA

LEVERTON, a market leader in intelligent information extraction and document management, has partnered with Open Box to use its Real Estate Automation Engine, powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA), for seamless data migration to leading Commercial Real Estate ERP systems.

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Automating MRI Software Work Order with Amazon Alexa

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: MRI, Amazon Alexa, MRI Software, Automation, MRI Software Work Order

Open Box builds custom skills for Amazon Echo devices which facilitates the use of Alexa as a voice interface to any accessible API. The possibilities are endless, from creating work orders in MRI, to querying your custom Enterprise applications.

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Open Box Is The Only Certified Company In The MRI Partner Network #justsaying

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: MRI

Following a relationship of 13 years, Open Box recently became the first of MRI Software’s service partners to be certified in terms of the MRI Partner Certification Program.

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Open Box Opens Office in New York

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: open box, industry news

Open Box Software, a leading global provider of software and services to the Real Estate industry, is excited to announce the opening of its New York office. For over 14 years, many of the largest Real Estate companies in New York and on the East Coast of the US have been working with Open Box. Naturally this felt like the next step in building the company’s onshore presence, as well as their stellar reputation.

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Insights from Realcomm 2016

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: industry news

While this year’s Realcomm event covered many hot topics, a common thread that ran through the conference was the importance of integration. And there’s a reason that integration has become a veritable buzzword in the Real Estate industry. The reality is, you can go to the ends of the earth arming your company with the best software solutions; but if they don’t talk to each other, you’ll just end up with a sprawling metropolis of information silos.

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MRI International User Conference… the highlights package

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf in: MRI

Having just returned from MRI’s International User Conference, I was filled with a sense that MRI is a company that continually strives to improve, to deliver on their promises and to maintain their position at the forefront of their industry.

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