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2022 Digie Award Winner: Urban Edge automates and streamlines their Tenant Activity Notices using Power Platform

Posted by Melissa Lee in: Real Estate, retail, MRI, Customization, Power BI, Microsoft, MRI Integration, Commercial Real Estate, Dataverse, TAN, Power Apps, REIT, Tenant Activity Notice


The Problemblog-image-png

A Tenant Activity Notice (TAN) is a form that is circulated for input from various departments each time major tenant activity (such as beginning or terminating a lease) occurs.

The existing TAN process involved generating an offline, Excel version of the form and distributing it manually via email. This made collaboration difficult and time-consuming, as there was no consolidated, online version of a TAN and no central repository to search for existing TANs.

It was also not possible to report on any of the tenant data gathered from these forms, so potential business insights from reporting analytics were being missed.

laptop-1The Solution

Microsoft's low-code platform, Power Apps, was selected to systemize the TAN process. The following key elements were included in the solution:

  • Property and Tenant data is imported from the client’s ERP system to ensure data standardization.
  • Form fields are auto-populated from the ERP system and non-required fields can be automatically marked as N/A to save time.
  • Population of crucial fields are systematically enforced.
  • Related photos or documents can be attached to a TAN and stored.
  • TANs can be distributed to custom or pre-existing distribution lists within the application.
  • Users can easily find historic TANs from a listing using filtering search criteria.
  • A copy of the TAN contents is automatically attached as a PDF when a TAN is distributed.
  • Application functionality is access controlled according to the business function of each department.


The Outcome

Users are now able to create and collaborate on TANs from anywhere, across desktop and mobile devices.

The process has been streamlined by automatically sourcing information from MRI and enforcing a single, consolidated version of each TAN which can be created, populated, reviewed and distributed within a single user-friendly application.

The TAN process has been systemized, centralized and streamlined. In addition, the application has facilitated reporting and analytics on their tenant data.

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