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ERP upgrades are often a complex and daunting prospect for IT teams. With our ERP knowledge and experience, we are here to make that process easy. We will meet with key stakeholders in your business to fully understand your needs and put together a suggested framework upon which the upgrade will be based. This will cover all elements of the upgrade process including a data health review (ERP Health Check), system configuration, data conversion and customization migration.

Inevitably, every ERP upgrade has its own specific requirements and nuances – that much is clear. It doesn’t however prevent one from constructing a broad upgrade framework.

The below framework is based on an approach for an MRI Version X upgrade.

  • Step 1: MRI Installation Audit

    What does your MRI instance look like today?

    • What version?
    • Windows/Web or a combination?
    • On-premise or SaaS?
    • What customizations do you have and wish to retain?
    • What integrations with third party applications do you wish to migrate?

    Worth knowing: All versions prior to Version 4 will need to be upgraded iteratively, i.e. from 3.4 to 3.5 and so on.

  • Step 2: Get MRI Version X

    • Install MRI Version X.
    • Connect current database to MRI Version X.
  • Step 3: Review Customizations (if any)

    What is required to ensure that the customizations identified in Step 1 are catered for in Version X?

    • Some of your customizations will be available “out of the box" in Version X.
    • For other customizations, you may need to rebuild the custom reports, views & web pages.
  • Step 4: Review Integrations (if any)

    What is required to ensure that your Version X installation integrates with your third party applications? Relevant considerations include:

    • Are the third party applications MRI partners?
    • If not, analysis is required to determine whether a custom built API (through MIX) or an FTP site is most suitable.
  • Step 5: End-to-End Testing and User Training

    Does your MRI Version X installation work as expected? This would include consideration of:

    • Customizations
    • Integrations
    • Data processing
    • Security
    • Access

    Are your users equipped to leverage the benefits of Version X?

    • Training required driven by internal and external stakeholders.
    • Ongoing support and user acceptance.
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