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Web application development is at the core of where Open Box started and continues to be a large focus. We understand that web applications provide a great platform for businesses to make applications readily available to employees, standardize processes, promote technological efficiencies and create a positive ROI. To this end, Open Box strives to design streamlined, user friendly, and appealing applications using technologies that are the right fit for your organisation, and easy to maintain in the future.

A few examples

Real Estate Industry solutions we have designed using web application development:

  • Deal Evaluation – An application used to analyse, compare, and evaluate prospective leasing deals.
  • Construction Management - A collaborative application providing a central dashboard used to manage expense data, fund requests, and key construction data.
  • Lease Abstract – An application used to capture, report, and enforce workflow processes for leases.
  • Lease Management – An application used to capture prospective leasing deals, as well as the comparison and approval thereof.
  • Tenant Portal - Web application facilitating the entire leasing process.
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