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Having joined Open Box in 2007, Brendan brings close on 2 decades of experience in both software development and Real Estate Technology.

In his role as CEO, Brendan is primarily responsible for driving Open Box’s client relationships and partnerships worldwide. Having initially joined as a software developer, Brendan has succeeded in the roles of business analyst, project manager, account manager as well as leading Open Box in the US market prior to being appointed as CEO in 2020.

Brendan lives the company’s founding principle “there is always a better way” and his focus on lasting relationships sees him working with Open Box’s long list of loyal clients, as well as new ones, ensuring they continue to receive the gold standard of service that Open Box is committed to.

As a lover of the culinary arts, “Chef Bren” - as his friends like to call him - can often be found in the kitchen making homemade pasta or tinkering with the grind settings on an espresso machine.

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