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Robotic Process Automation Product Selection and Consulting

Posted by Michelle Millar in: Automation, Emerging Technology, RPA, case study


The Problem

Real Capital Solutions (RCS) has a long-term plan focused on increasing profitability while maintaining/improving on best-in-class results to their investors. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was identified as a tool that could help to deliver on these objectives.

RCS set out to perform a use case analysis and vendor selection process to assess the suitability of RPA in their organization and determined that external expertise would provide significant value in completing this exercise.

laptop-1The Solution

Open Box Software worked directly with the RCS Business Applications Manager to complete the following during the engagement:

Use case analysis - to determine whether the RCS business model was compatible with RPA.

Cost benefit analysis - to determine whether the potential cost savings justified the investment in this technology.

Vendor scorecard – to identify the key points of comparison between RPA vendors and assist with scoring them according to RCS’s priorities.

Technical Demo / Proof of Concept – Open Box Software developers assisted with demonstrating the use and capabilities of the shortlisted tools against a real-world RCS business case.

Infrastructure advisory – Open Box’s infrastructure expert worked with RCS’s technical support vendor to assess the technical and infrastructural requirements against the current environment and future objectives, to determine which tools best fit RCS’s technology stack.


The Outcome

By making use of a neutral third party rather than approaching RPA vendors directly, RCS was able to gain an objective view of the tools on the market.

Open Box’s experience with RPA development and project delivery allowed the analysis to be completed quickly. Open Box was able to provide direct access to experts with hands-on experience in RPA development, architecture and infrastructure, as well as RPA program management and planning.

With the outcome of the analysis, RCS has moved ahead with its RPA program using its selected tool and has engaged Open Box for a further 3 months of expert RPA developer support to ensure the first automations are a success.

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