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System Integration

Follow the adventures of the most popular ‘person’ in Real Estate

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We deliver software and services to the Real Estate industry

  • 85,000 man hours saved
    through automation
  • 2,853,942 hours of Real Estate experience
  • 17 years of experience
  • up to 300% in efficiency gains
    achieved through automation

Trusted by Real Estate leaders world wide

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Dean R. Hook

Chief Information Officer,
Brixmor Property Group

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Mark Butcher

National Head of Property Management Accounting Operations,
Lambert Smith Hampton

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Jim Whalen

Chief Information Officer,
Boston Properties


Open Box Software_Application Support & Helpdesk

Application Support & Helpdesk

Managed services that truly work for you.

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Open Box_Automation Consulting

Automation Consulting

Leverage our industry knowledge and automation expertise.

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Open Box_BI & Analytics

BI & Analytics

Transform your data into actionable insight.

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Open Box_Custom Software

Custom Development

We are able to augment your existing IT team with a blend of industry experts who understand Real Estate.

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Open Box_MRI Support & Services

MRI Support & Services

Trusted solutions for Real Estate enterprises.

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Open Box_PropTech Consulting

PropTech Consulting

Every good idea begins with a question.

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Open Box_Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Rethink the types of tasks we allocate to human beings.

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Press Release: Open Box Software Appoints Company and Industry Veteran As New CEO

Open Box Software, a leading global provider of software and services to the Real Estate industry, announced today the appointment of the company’s North American MD, to Chief Executive Officer.

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Demo: Low Code, High Value

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, besides that we were not washing our hands for long enough, it's that the need for real-time and accurate data on revenue and a host of other company metrics, is more important than ever.

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Dipping a Toe in the Data Lake

Data is constantly produced by every organization, but the question we all face is how to convert that data into actionable information. A popular analogy likens data to crude oil, in that the true value is only realized once it’s mined and refined.

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2020 Reconciliations: The Perfect Storm

Around the world, every week seems to bring a new headline declaring the latest stats on rent non-payment and deferrals, and the impact to the real estate industry from COVID-19. Rent revenue is obviously the most pressing issue right now, but once the dust settles and we’re all back in our offices and the retail stores are open and the payment schedules are agreed, a second more insidious problem is going to become apparent: service charges and recoveries.

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