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Where is Rob Sparke

Follow the adventures of the most popular ‘person’ in Real Estate

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Rob Sparke
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Rob's adventures

Rob Sparke was introduced to the Real Estate industry as the face of the Open Box Real Estate Automation Engine in March 2017.

Since his first appearance, Rob has been inundated with contact requests and invitations to speak at Real Estate events around the world. Keeping track of his schedule was impossible, until now…

In order to share Rob's adventures, we brought Rob to life (sort of) in the form of a limited edition collectible figurine. Now, whenever Rob finds himself in an interesting or adventurous situation, he will pose for the perfect picture and share it on social media.

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Photo Tips

Get that #instafame shot

Rob loves the camera! Make sure he’s always with you so you don’t miss a great photo opp.

#01 Angles are your friend, use them


#02 Rob Sparke loves accessories


#03 Humour is good, make us smile

Limited Edition

Rob Collectables

Adorable and highly sought-after, these limited edition three inch vinyl figurines are now available for the first time!
Rob Sparke figurine

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