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    Drawing upon our extensive experience with global real estate leaders, we are able to offer expert turnkey ERP services – from blue-printing through to implementation and support. Over the years, we’ve strategically aligned ourselves with industry-leading vendors and presently offer the full range of ERP services in relation to:

    • MRI Software
    • MRI Investment Management
    • ARGUS Enterprise
    • ARGUS Developer
    • Voyanta
    Open Box Services: Enterprise Solutions

    A few examples

    Real Estate business challenges we have solved using enterprise solutions:

    Business challenge Technology solution
    Implement MRI Version X and integrate with CRM system. An integrated MRI SaaS solution was implemented. MRI tied in to the company’s main CRM. This ensured seamless collaboration between teams.
    Business required a method of automatically recording and applying prospect charges and receipts in an effort to reduce overhead and manual manipulation of MRI data. Open Box designed a middleware which integrated into the MRI guest card leasing process. The middleware is responsible for taking information captured during the guest card process, passing relevant information to ClickPay via the ClickPay APIs for credit card processing.
    Migrated a self-hosted MRI Version 10.2 Windows to Web. An integrated MRI Web solution greatly saving time and improved user experience.

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