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Renewable Energy in the palm of your hand …literally!

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  • Guaranteed

    Reduce energy consumption by up to 92%
  • Choose the future

    Energy solution designed for Real Estate companies
  • Works instantly

    Plug and play with the Power Mouse “Energy Grid”
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Improving the Real Estate industry one
seemingly impossible integration at a time

Why waste money on electricity for your Real Estate company when you can just power it from your mouse?

Generates Electricity

Generates Power

PowerMouse™ technology harnesses the kinetic energy of your hand movements to supply your business with electricity


No wires, no batteries, no charging – PowerMouse™ is sleek in design and requires nothing but movement to operate
Voice Activated

Voice Activated

Equipped with voice recognition technology, PowerMouse™ activates at your command – simply shout “PowerMouse on!”

How PowerMouse™ works

Take your Real Estate company off the grid by harnessing the kinetic power of your wrist
The PowerMouse "Energy Grid"

Did you know?

  • The average Real Estate worker moves their mouse 1284* times per day
  • 20* moves with PowerMouse™ = up to 3.6 megajoules of electricity
  • As few as 10–15* employees could power your entire building!

* Figures may vary depending on vigour of mouse movement

Become a PowerMouse™ champion

Master your technique with these easy to follow wrist exercise videos below
You can even do it at home



Repeat × 108 = 0.2kWh
Enough to power your office desk for up to 4 hours



Repeat × 20 = 0.5kWh
Enough to power your office desk for up to 10 hours



Repeat × 20 = 1kWh
Enough to power your office desk for up to 20 hours

If you think integrating Power with a Mouse is impressive,
wait till you see what we can do with your Real Estate systems

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Psst! Want to know a secret?

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