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Let it in through your skin

…and look great doing it

Coffee-infused Fibres
CoffeeShirt Product Shot
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Improving the Real Estate industry one
seemingly impossible integration at a time

CoffeeShirt™ Features

Save time, save money and save the day with the world’s only coffee-infused tech wearable
Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync

CoffeeShirt™ technology syncs with your calendar for optimal caffeine release throughout the day


Simply recharge your CoffeeShirt™ by selecting the strength required from our range of booster pods
Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Made from recycled bamboo with a 0% carbon footprint, CoffeeShirt™ is good for both you and the planet

Real Men

let it in through their skin

Women’s Range coming soon

Which CoffeeShirt™ are you?

Smart, sexy and rich in coffee goodness, there’s a style and strength to suit everyone
CoffeeShirt Range: Latte

The Latte

The kick-start you need to get you through morning rush-hour
CoffeeShirt Range: Americano

The Americano


Your go-to shirt for midweek madness at the office
CoffeeShirt Range: Espresso

The Espresso


This power shirt doesn’t stop working until the job’s done

How CoffeeShirt™ works

Why waste time and energy drinking coffee when you can just absorb it from your shirt?
CoffeeShirt Diagram
  • 1

    Single-origin coffee beans sourced for consistent quality
  • 2

    Adjustable size and coffee strength
  • 3

    Light, breathable and odourless
  • 4

    Slow-release system integrates with your biometric data
  • 5

    One wear = up to 10 double espressos
  • 6

    Silky finish ensures all-day comfort

Pre-order your CoffeeShirt

Simply indicate which packs you are interested in and we will keep you updated


CoffeeShirt Classic


  • 2× Latte CoffeeShirt™
  • 10× Recharge Pods

Variety Pack

CoffeeShirt Variety Pack
Most Popular


  • 3× CoffeeShirt™ Assorted
  • 15× Recharge Pods


CoffeeShirt Pro
Best Value


  • 5× Espresso CoffeeShirt™
  • 25× Recharge Pods

If you think integrating Coffee with a Shirt is impressive,
wait till you see what we can do with your Real Estate systems

Let's talk about what you want to integrate

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Psst! Want to know a secret?

CoffeeShirt™ is even better with PowerMouse™ and SmartPaper™ →