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The “paper” that can do

almost anything!

…with that familiar papery feel!

Introducting SmartPaper
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Improving the Real Estate industry one
seemingly impossible integration at a time

SmartPaper™ Technology

Using next generation pairing technology SmartPaper™ is able to connect with almost anything
Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync

Connects with any smart device – information flow is seamless and access to your personal files on the cloud is instant
Immersive Reality

Immersive Reality

Digital Light Signals sent to the Graphics Processing Unit of your brain results in a dream-like experience while awake
Creative Fun

Creative Fun

Experience being young and free again: the possibilities are endless and you will be the envy of your colleagues

What SmartPaper™ can do

Because it morphs into whatever you require, the list of features is limited only by your imagination
Advanced nanobot infusion
Artist's impression of a nanobot
  • Infused with advanced nanobot swarm technology
  • Seamless IoT (Internet of Things) synchronisation and connectivity
  • Comes complete with easy connection instructions

There’s a SmartPaper™ for everyone

Our product development is based on the latest behavioral research and user experience data
SmartPaper Range: Creative

The Creative

By the sheet
For the young, free and creatively curious
SmartPaper Range: Executive
No Rules

The Executive

By the book
For the perfectionist with great aspirations
SmartPaper Range: Philosopher
Single Ply

The Philosopher

On a roll
For the dreamers, the big picture thinkers

Free SmartPaper™ sample

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If you think integrating Smart with Paper is impressive,
wait till you see what we can do with your Real Estate systems

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