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    Open Box is following the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) closely and making decisions that promote the safety of our employees, our communities and that align with South African government regulations.

    Now more than ever, Open Box are using this as an opportunity to innovate, progress and introduce a better way of doing things in a post COVID world.

    During the on-going Coronavirus pandemic, we have made the decision to focus on ensuring that our client requirements are effectively resourced by our current teams and at this stage, we are not looking to expand our team. When the time is right for our business, we will communicate our vacancies. In the meantime, watch our CEO, Malcolm Hall discuss the impact that the pandemic has had on our industry. Learn more about our hiring policy and the steps we are taking to ensure that we continue to grow our team of Open Boxers.

    All of your questions answered

    Please use the time guide below the video if you'd prefer to only have a few of your questions answered. However, we do encourage you to watch the full interview.


    Interview Time Guide

    • 00:11 - 01:38: How has COVID-19 impacted our industry and business?
    • 01:40 - 03:40: How has Open Box adapted to working from home?
    • 03:41 - 05:03: When will Open Box begin recruiting again?
    • 05:05 - 06:03: Should potential candidates reach out in the meantime?
    • 06:05 - 7:14: How will Open Box's recruitment process work going forward?
    • 07:16 - 08:45: What type of roles will Open Box be recruiting for?
    • 08:46 - 09:46 Do you have any parting words for those watching?


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