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    Department Custom Development
    Reporting to Director of Custom Software
    Type Permanent
    Date 09 September 2021

    Open Box Software is an internationally focused consulting company that specialises in business and software consulting services. We have a young team of highly talented individuals who are driven to make an impact and have fun.

    We are looking for a Data Analyst to join our team on a permanent basis. The right person will be wanting to work within an intelligent, motivated, self driven team with low egos, good communication skills and an effective problem solving approach. You would also be very conscious of the importance of sharing knowledge and building other team members in the process. Our team must be able to tune into the needs of clients and their higher objectives to solve problems where not all the information is readily available.

    Reporting directly to the Director of Custom Development, you will be responsible for working on a set of bespoke applications and pick up on many of the aspects of software delivery that are not specifically programming; such as (but not limited to) analysis, issue investigation, project monitoring, reporting writing and management of progress, checking for completeness and accuracy, training and documentation. With a client base predominantly in the UK and US, the ability to work flexible hours is key.

    Key Responsibilities of Role

    • Learn the functionality of a set of bespoke applications and business processes that drive the application to provide support to users 
    • Interact with clients across the globe (telephone, email, teleconferences) 
    • Query investigation and resolution
    • Log issues for the development team to fix, and test fixes the development team have implemented 
    • Document system and process changes 
    • System configuration and administration 
    • Problem escalation as needed 
    • Use MS SQL and the knowledge of how the application should function to:
      • Create, change and manage reports
      • Access, investigate and extract data as needed 
      • Manipulate data (correct, remove and add data) 
      • Test data for completeness and correctness 
      • Format reports and data 
      • Run reports  

    Minimum Requirements

    • Software development orientated 3/4 year degree/diploma or equivalent (e.g. B.Com Information Systems or B.Sc Comp Sci or Elec Eng)
    • Up to one year of work experience
    • Knowledge of data extraction and modelling
    • Exposure to SQL, MS Office, Access, Excel and/or other data mining and report writing tools 
    • Database, data mining, report writing exposure 
    • Support and help desk exposure
    • Impeccable command of the English language (written and verbal) 
    • Strong interpersonal skills 
    • Professional communication 
    • Able to demonstrate strong organisational skills 
    • Own transport 
    • Enjoys working in a team environment 

    Personal Traits

    • Friendly and easy going
    • Willing and wanting to work flexible times
    • Goal oriented
    • Passionate about problem solving
    • Team-oriented
    • Professional communicator
    • Self motivated
    • Deadline-orientated

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