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2022 Digie Winner: Urban Edge gets real-time site plans by automating their Strategic Plan Book

Posted by Genevieve Godlonton in: mobile, Real Estate, retail, MRI, Automation, Customization, Power BI, Microsoft, Site Plan, Floor Plan, Geospatial, SSRS, Site Map, Azure


The Problemblog-image-png

Urban Edge’s Top Management analyze a hard copy version of the Strategic Plan Book during investor and tenant meetings. The Strategic Book comprises of site plans, of each property in their portfolio, which are populated with tenant specific data. 

The existing process of compiling these site plans was manual and relied on human intervention for data validation, creating the risk of data input error. 

This process was also extremely time intensive; it took up to 7 months to complete all of the site plans and their accompanying data. Manual updates were completed on an ad hoc basis for specific meetings. 

laptop-1The Solution

The existing process has been re-engineered using a combination of geospatial technology and Business Intelligence. 

  • The entire Strategic Book can be generated in a matter of hours. 
  • Site Plans are maintained in a CAD application. The user-selected data is then overlayed onto the site plan and viewed in the Business Intelligence application and/or a hard copy is printed.
  • Different filter and display fields can be selected and generated. This allows the users to customize the data output they wish to accompany each site plan. 
  • Data is refreshed multiple times a day. This ensures that when the site plans are generated the data displayed is accurate and up to date. 
  • Site plans can be exported and printed.


The solution provides users with real-time, dynamic and visual site plans that provide them with timely and accurate information in a user friendly format. 

  • The customization of data outputs has increased the use cases for the Strategic book, increasing the return on investment for Urban Edge.
  • The site plans can now be used by leasing, property management, and asset management.
  • The manual process of compiling site plans and their relevant data has been eliminated, freeing up valuable staff members time.  
  • The site plans are always populated with the most up to date data.  
  • Site plans can be used to make effective and accurate strategic and operational decisions. 

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