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Just Do It! And Other Takeaways From Blue Prism Pulse

Posted by Brendan Canny on 20 February 2018 in: industry news, robotic process automation, Robots-as-a-Service, RaaS, Automation, Artificial Intelligence

One thing was clear from the inaugural Blue Prism Pulse event in New York: the digital workforce is here, and, if you haven’t already, you need to dive in and get started with automation.

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Integrating Business Processes with MRI Software Workflow

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf on 27 November 2017 in: industry news, Real Estate, MRI Software, Integration, MRI Workflows

Open Box works together with your Real Estate organization to implement the workflow solution that standardizes your business processes, helps you track and analyse those processes and coordinates overall teamwork. 

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The Pendulum Swings: RPA Gives You the Best of BPO, at Home

Posted by Matthew Burnham on 20 November 2017 in: industry news, Real Estate, robotic process automation, Robots-as-a-Service, Automation

In the naughties, business process outsourcing (BPO) was the holy grail. The silver bullet that was going to make companies more profitable, and allow them to offer their customers better service.

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Press Release: LEVERTON's AI Taps Rob Sparke for Automation Skills

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf on 15 November 2017 in: industry news, Real Estate, robotic process automation, Robots-as-a-Service, Automation, Press Release

LEVERTON, a market leader in intelligent information extraction and document management, has partnered with Open Box to use its Real Estate Automation Engine, powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA), for seamless data migration to leading Commercial Real Estate ERP systems.

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MRI IUC 2017 - Riding the Roller Coaster

Posted by Gregg Haverstick on 23 October 2017 in: industry news, Real Estate, ERP performance, MRI, robotic process automation, RaaS

This year’s MRI International User’s Conference was held in the Theme Park Capital of the World, Orlando Florida. It wasn’t all fun and games though as over 1000 attendees gathered to network and learn about MRI’s plan for the coming year.&

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Open Box Welcomes Gregg Haverstick as Principal to the New York Office

Posted by Malcolm Hall on 8 May 2017 in: open box, industry news

Having established the New York office less than 6 months ago, Open Box takes great pleasure in introducing an established acquaintance, Gregg Haverstick, as a Principal of the office. Gregg has more than 17 years of Real Estate technology experience and describes himself as a ‘self-motivated, detail-oriented individual who enjoys networking and solving complicated problems using technology’.

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One on one with Malcolm Hall and Larry Schachter on the launch of our New York office

Posted by Malcolm Hall on 28 November 2016 in: open box, industry news

As part of our strategic roadmap moving forward, we are very excited about the launch of our New York office and we have recently appointed Larry Schachter in a Principal Role. Having worked for decades in different areas of the Real Estate industry, Larry has a wealth of experience and insights into the complex needs of this multi-faceted industry.

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Open Box Opens Office in New York

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf on 31 October 2016 in: open box, industry news

Open Box Software, a leading global provider of software and services to the Real Estate industry, is excited to announce the opening of its New York office. For over 14 years, many of the largest Real Estate companies in New York and on the East Coast of the US have been working with Open Box. Naturally this felt like the next step in building the company’s onshore presence, as well as their stellar reputation.

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What piece of the $6 billion pie will you take?

Posted by Brendan Canny on 21 October 2016 in: industry news

2016 is on track to see the largest capital investment in Real Estate specific technology to date. The number, depending on who you speak to, runs between 4 – 6 Billion US dollars. This figure may seem crazy at first, but that is until you see the amazing technology start-ups that are emerging with a singular focus on the Real Estate market.

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Insights from Realcomm 2016

Posted by Mark Kalkwarf on 6 July 2016 in: industry news

While this year’s Realcomm event covered many hot topics, a common thread that ran through the conference was the importance of integration. And there’s a reason that integration has become a veritable buzzword in the Real Estate industry. The reality is, you can go to the ends of the earth arming your company with the best software solutions; but if they don’t talk to each other, you’ll just end up with a sprawling metropolis of information silos.

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